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Welcome to the second issue of the PAMCo newsletter. With each issue, we aim to keep you informed about AMP (Audience Measurement for Publishers) and any related PAMCo news.

AMP is the newest JIC (Joint Industry Currency) for published media, using world leading methodology which can help transform published media fortunes. AMP enables users to carry out de-duplicated reach and frequency planning across all platforms which can help commercialise all audiences and change the way published media is planned and traded.

Please continue reading for more information on an extended embargo, non-comparability of data, frequently asked questions and an update on the AMP Champions.

Extended Embargo for NRS Quarter 1 data release

The PAMCo Board have agreed to extend the embargo period for the release of NRS Quarter 1 2017 data until 08.59am on 26th June. This means that the data will still become available to subscribers at 9am on Monday 19th June but should not be publicly commented on until after 9am on Monday 26th June when the data will be released to the wider market.

Non-comparability of data

NRS datasets in 2017 are a blend of NRS and AMP print data.

Due to the different methodologies, the PAMCo Board have mandated that NRS and AMP data should not be compared for commercial or marketing purposes. This means that from Q1 2017 data release onwards the data should not be compared with previous periods of NRS data. Also, individual periods should not be broken out to compare NRS and AMP data for commercial or marketing purposes.

New AMP questions and increased utility such as de-duplicated reach & frequency for all platforms will be available with the first full AMP data release in February 2018.

For more information, such as how you can and can’t use the data, please click here

Frequently Asked Questions

For any questions you may have, please follow the link to our FAQ’s page. If you need to speak to a member of our team, please contact Daphna at

Please click here to view the PAMCo FAQ’s.

AMP Champions

Thank you for all your recommendations, we now have AMP Champions from most agencies and publishers. We look forward to working with our Champions and together inspire you to start exploring how AMP can help transform how you make the most of published media audiences.

We are delighted that our AMP Champions will be meeting for the first time on 20th July. If your company hasn’t yet put forward an AMP champion and you are interested, please get in touch for more details

Countdown to AMP data release!

8 months to go until we publish the first fully operational AMP dataset.

If you need any further information on AMP, please contact us on