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Welcome to the third issue of the PAMCo newsletter. With each issue, we aim to keep you informed about AMP (Audience Measurement for Publishers) and any related PAMCo news.

Before some of us go off for the summer, there have been a number of industry events that we thought you would like to know about. Please read on for all the latest.

We hope you enjoy the holidays…we’ll be back again in the Autumn with another edition of AMP Newsbites!

AMP Champions

On Thursday 20th July, PAMCo hosted the first AMP champions meeting. We had 30 people attend, representing Newsbrands, Magazine Media and Agencies. The event kicked off with a presentation at the PAMCo office followed by a fun social fuelled with food, drink and a media related quiz hosted by Simon himself!

We would like to thank all our AMP Champions. Your time and dedication are crucial to the success of AMP and we look forward to working with you all.

If your company is yet to appoint an AMP Champion, please send your nomination to Hana Murgani -

To see a copy of the presentation, please click here.

Commercialising AMP

On Wednesday 19th July, senior representatives from Newsbrands, Magazine Media, Agencies and the Planning Bureaux attended a Commercialising AMP working session hosted by PAMCo at the IPA. The meeting generated interesting thoughts on how AMP can be used, as well as some recommendations and next steps which you can read about here.

Newsworks Effectiveness Summit

PAMCo attended the Newsworks Effectiveness event on Tuesday 18th July. Vanessa Clifford, CEO of Newsworks, highlighted the importance of context & influence when it comes to maximising ROI, along with a powerful plea to agencies & publishers to make the most of AMP.

For more information, please visit the research overview page.

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September 11th 2017: Q2 Data release (50% NRS / 50% AMP)

Data periods covered July 2016 - June 2017

The PAMCo Board have agreed to extend the embargo period for the release of NRS Quarter 2 2017 data until 8:59am on 18th September. This means that the data will still become available to subscribers at 9am on Monday 11th September but should not be publicly commented on until after 9am on Monday 18th September when the data will be released to the wider market.

Autumn: AMP Champions meeting

Date to be confirmed.

Autumn: Commercialising AMP working party

Date to be confirmed.

Countdown to AMP data release!

7 months to go until we publish the first fully operational AMP dataset. If you need any further information on AMP, please contact us on