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PAMCo Bridge 3 2021
(July’19 – June’21 print data with July ‘21 Ipsos iris data)

Good Morning,
We are delighted to release PAMCo Bridge 3 2021 dataset today, including updated print estimates for the first time in over a year.

"Print readership estimates updated for the first time in over a year"

"PAMCo has developed a modern & future proofed “online first” data collection method"

"Expanding on our market leading diversity & inclusive data section"

PAMCo was already developing an online approach when Covid struck and gave us the opportunity to accelerate those developments and implement a new “online first” methodology. This approach has allowed us to collect data whilst in-home face-to-face interviewing was not possible and gives us flexibility to evolve further in the future.

This new dataset covers the period July 2019 – June 2021 for print data with July 2021 Ipsos iris digital data. It is a blend of data collected with a face-to-face methodology (pre-Covid) and data collected with an ‘online first’ methodology (since Covid restrictions were lifted). The pre-Covid sample will be phased out over the next 3 releases and by Spring 2022 we will have a dataset based entirely on the new ‘online first’ method. As such, the PAMCo board have agreed that the data releases up until then will be labelled ‘Bridge’ to make clear this is a transitional phase.

Due to the different methodologies, the PAMCo board have mandated that PAMCo Bridge data should not be compared with previous periods of PAMCo and trending will not be possible until all the sample is based on the new method.

All results are embargoed until 00:01 on 29th October.
All the very best

Simon Redican
Chief Executive of PAMCo

Latest Results

This release covers the period July 2019 to June 2021 for print data and July 2021 for Ipsos iris data.

Click here to view the Total Market tables »


Please find below links to our latest series of infographics summing up the latest data release. These are very handy for downloading and adding to your presentations and client updates.

Infographics »

To access a wider range of Infographics, click here

New questions added to the questionnaire

Since fieldwork resumed, a revised set of attitude statements have been measured at brand level for magazines and at sector level for newsbrands, using a new five-point scale:
1. Reading or looking at it is time well spent
2. Its advertising is relevant to me
3. It gives me something I can’t get elsewhere
4. I trust what I see in it

Data tables of statements by brand are available on the subscriber section of the PAMCo website.

New questions on sexual orientation and long-term disability have been measured on the PAMCo survey and data for these questions are included in the PAMCo dataset for the first time

Changes to PAMCo website

Following a PAMCo board decision, it has been agreed that no individual brand data will be published on the open access part of the PAMCo website. From this release onwards, only market and sector data will be published on the PAMCo website. All individual brand data will now only be available to subscribers through the PAMCo subscriber section (and of course through the planning bureaux; IMS Nielsen, Kantar, Telmar and Mediatel)

If you do not have a log-in to our subscriber section then please click here to set one up.

PAMCo Bridge FAQs

Given the changes in methodology and the change in UKOM digital audience supplier, we have prepared a set of FAQs specific to the PAMCo Bridge data releases which we hope will answer all of your questions. To download a copy of the PAMCo Bridge FAQS please click here

We also have our generic FAQs on the website which can be accessed here

If, however, you have a question that cannot be answered by either of the FAQs then please contact one of the PAMCo team.

Future Data releases

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