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PAMCo 2 2020 Data
(Apr ’19 – Mar ’20)

Good Morning,
I’m pleased to confirm that even in these extraordinary times, we are able to issue a further quarter of PAMCo data for industry use through to this autumn. We have also shared information below on our plans for 2020 and beyond. I would like to thank all those in the industry who contribute to PAMCo’s delivery of industry data. In particular I would single out our Technical Group and our partners at Ipsos who have not only helped us to continue our existing delivery plan but in record time and with all of the challenges of this crisis have developed a clear testing plan which we are confident will continue to supply the sound estimates stakeholders need.

Today we release PAMCo 2 2020 audience readership figures, showing that 94% of British adults consume magazine and newsbrand content across a month. The data covers the period April 2019 to March 2020 just prior to the Covid lockdown (incorporating March 2020 Comscore data). This latest dataset shows that now, more than ever, consumers are engaging with the quality and trusted journalism delivered every day by newsbrands and magazines.
We are in unprecedented times, and as previously reported, due to Covid-19, we have now ceased face-face interviewing. We are therefore accelerating our plan to develop alternative interviewing methodologies which do not rely on face to face interviewing and more detail on this can be read in Article 5 of this newsletter.
We will keep you updated in future newsletters of our progress but, in the meantime, I hope you, your families, friends and colleagues remain safe and healthy.

Simon Redican
Chief Executive of PAMCo

All results are embargoed until 00:01 on the 17th June. This means that the data should not be publicly commented on until after the embargo has been lifted and data released to the wider market.

Latest Results

This release covers the period April 2019 to March 2020 for print data and March 2020 for Comscore data.

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The full set of results, including detailed breakdowns and spreadsheets, are available here


Please find below links to our latest series of infographics summing up the latest data release. These are very handy for downloading and adding to your presentations and client updates.

Infographics »

To access a wider range of Infographics, click here

Attitude Statements

Following the PAMCo Technical Group’s decision to ask the attitude statements at the overall brand level rather than for print and digital separately, we have new data for the attitude questions from January 2020 onwards. Therefore, from this release forwards, we will be publishing excel data tables, based on total brand only. These tables will be available on the PAMCo subscriber website only and not within the planning bureaux. Please click here to access these tables .

PAMCo 3 2020

Due to the current situation, all face-face interviewing has been stopped and this will affect PAMCo 3 2020 data which would usually cover the period July 2019 – June 2020 for print data and incorporate June ’20 Comscore data. Following a PAMCo Board decision, PAMCo 3 2020 dataset will be published on September 9th embargoed until 16th September (in line with current data release schedule) but it will cover April ’19 – March ’20 print data and incorporate June ’20 Comscore data.

Developing a mixed methodology for PAMCo

Given the challenges with face-face interviewing in the current circumstances and the uncertainty of when Ipsos will be able to resume this form of data collection, PAMCo is now accelerating its existing plan, to develop alternatives to face to face interviewing, with Ipsos and the PAMCo Technical group. This will see three principle approaches investigated as below and the plan is to commence data collection using some or all of these approaches (including face-face if this is possible in any form) from Quarter 4 2020:

  1. Testing the online questionnaire
  2. Developing a paper questionnaire
  3. Exploring video interviewing

The testing programme has been developed and will take place from mid May through to beginning of August. Following these tests, the PAMCo Technical Group will make a recommendation on a mixed methodological approach to the PAMCo Board for discussion and approval at the August Board meeting.

Teresa Brookes

We’d like to thank Teresa Brookes of Newsworks who has stood down from the PAMCo Technical Group after many years of service, representing the newsbrand sector on both NRS and PAMCo committees. Teresa was instrumental in the successful transition from NRS to PAMCo where in addition to her technical expertise she used her legal experience to get through the complex transition from one company to the other. We plan to celebrate her contribution with other PAMCo colleagues and contributors when we are able to do so.

All in, all together

The government and the newspaper industry have formed a three-month advertising partnership to help keep the public safe and the nation united throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Take a read of the press release announcing the advertising campaign here and keep up to date with all the latest campaign updates here.

Holding out for a hero

Magazine brands are like sidekicks to other media and during difficult times they really do pack a punch >

Next data release

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