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PAMCo 3 2019 Data

(July ’18 – June ’19)

Good Morning,

Today we release the latest cross-platform audience readership figures, showing that 94% of British adults consume magazine and newsbrand content across a month. The data covers the period July 2018 to June 2019 (incorporating June 2019 Comscore data).

PAMCo continues to concentrate on promoting the use of PAMCo data especially for strategic planning purposes.


Simon Redican, Chief Executive of PAMCo said “We are delighted that a number of subscriber companies have already signed up to receive PAMCo data for use in their own strategic planning tools. We would urge any qualifying company to contact PAMCo and we can help you explore how you can also use PAMCo data to help with your strategic planning needs

All results are embargoed until 00:01 on the 11th September. This means that the data should not be publicly commented on until after the embargo has been lifted and data released to the wider market.

Latest Results

This release covers the period July 2018 to June 2019 for print data and June 2019 for Comscore data.

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The full set of results, including detailed breakdowns and spreadsheets, are available here

Due to the different methodologies, the PAMCo Board have mandated that PAMCo data should not be compared with previous NRS data for commercial or marketing purposes.



Please find below links to our latest series of infographics summing up the latest data release. These are very handy for downloading and adding to your presentations and client updates.

Infographics »

To access a wider range of Infographics, click here

New lifestyle and attitude data

From this data release, we are publishing some new lifestyle data collected from a series of shopping, travel/holidays, future financial plans and motoring questions that were added to the PAMCo survey in January 2019. These data will be available for analysis within your planning bureaux and can be found within the lifestyle section after the readership data. We will also be publishing some new attitude data for magazines. These data are based on four new statements asked about print magazines in general. These data will also be available for analysis within your planning bureaux within the engagement data section.

PAMCo website - Subscriber section

You can now compare year on year data in the new “trend analysis” section of our subscriber section which will allow you to trend data over time. The subscriber section also includes other data and insights such as the print and digital attitude statements.

To access all of this data in our subscriber section, please click here

2019 Data releases


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