Suppression of digital data in PAMCo 1 2019 dataset

Due to a technical issue with the input data, digital estimates for ARSTECHNICA.COM, BOOTSHEALTHANDBEAUTY.COM, and GRAZIADAILY.CO.UK have been suppressed in the PAMCo 1 2019 dataset. A key check on the data fusion between PAMCo and Comscore data is that the fused Comscore estimates are close to the original estimates published by Comscore, once differences in universe definition are taken into account. Unfortunately for PAMCo 1 2019, this was not the case for these three digital brands and for technical reasons it was not possible to achieve matching estimates. A decision was therefore taken by the Technical Group to suppress publication in the PAMCo database, rather than under-represent these brands. Digital audience data for these brands are available in the Comscore interface for November 2018, and print estimates (if applicable) are reported in PAMCo 1 2019.