Aggregated Entities Rules

Rules for aggregated entities

To ensure that these entities are treated with complete transparency in PAMCo, the PAMCo board has agreed the following rules for publication of estimates for any stakeholder aggregated entity:

  1. The aggregated entity should be owned, at least in part by PAMCo subscribers. However, an aggregated entity can contain properties of non-PAMCo subscribers or stakeholders. It can also contain properties that are not a recognised part of the published media market.
  2. In order to provide consistency with Ipsos iris own analysis tool, the digital component of any aggregated entity should be defined in the Ipsos iris data as a commercial grouping.
  3. Aggregated entities should be presented separately from consumer brands and listed under “Aggregated Entities Readership” in the bureaux and in the tables on the PAMCo website (where the list of titles/websites included in each aggregated entity is also available to users).
  4. Each quarter the list of titles/websites included in each aggregated entity is circulated to the relevant publishers, who need to inform PAMCo of any additions/removals.

The PAMCo Technical Group will advise on the technical feasibility of producing an estimate in line with these rules but the ultimate decision on inclusion of aggregated estimates will rest with the PAMCo board.