Publication rules

The following rules are applied in order for titles to have estimates published by PAMCo:

Print estimates

An unweighted sample of 100 or more average issue readers over the standard reporting period is required for publication on that sample base.  For reporting purposes the same sample threshold of at least 100 readers over 12 months applies to newsbrand supplements and in-paper sections.

If this minimum of 100 unweighted sample is not reached within the standard reporting period, an estimate can still be released if the title achieves 100 unweighted sample in the period that includes the previous 12 months.

If this target of 100 unweighted readers is not achieved within the extended period, no estimates will be released until the target is reached.

Relegation from standard to extended base

Estimates for titles released on the standard base will be replaced by estimates based on the extended database if the title’s unweighted sample falls below the threshold of 100 for two consecutive periods ending June.

Elevation from extended to standard base

A title currently published on an extended base will move to the standard base if it achieves an unweighted sample of 100 or more in the period ending in June each year.

Digital estimates

Ipsos can report on all entities and platforms that are reported in the official UKOM currency by Ipsos iris.  The Ipsos iris reporting threshold is as described below:

  • For non-tagged sites – minimum 20 panellists visiting either website or app in the reporting month.
  • For tagged websites – at least 1 panellist visiting the website in the reporting month
  • For tagged website sections – at least 1 panellist visiting the website section in the reporting month

In practice, this will tend to mean that nearly 98% the digital monthly audiences reported in the PAMCo dataset will represent at least 10,000 monthly visitors to a site, with the vast majority of publisher sites having monthly audiences of at least 100,000.