Fieldwork and response rates

Fieldwork and Results

The results are for the 2023 sample points and are based on fieldwork completed between 15th November 2022 and 1st January 2024.

The PAMCo methodology consists of a two stage approach – postal and field. During the postal stage invitation letters are sent out to sampled addresses inviting up to two people per household to take part via an online survey. The invitation letter is followed by up to two reminder letters, each sent a week apart. A paper questionnaire is included with the 2nd reminder letter.  The postal stage is followed by a field stage.  

PAMCo Response Rates

Overall response rate is calculated based on the total number of addresses in the sample excluding any addresses that were ineligible. Ineligible addresses include those that are; non-residential, where the address is occupied but not main residence, address that are demolished, derelict or under construction and those that are vacant/empty.

During the postal and field stages, the invitation is for up to any two participants (aged 15+) per household.

Of contacted individuals, 52.4% agreed to complete the survey, of whom 56.5% actually went on to complete.  While CAPI agreement leads to high levels of actual completion, only one third of those agreeing to complete the survey online actually did so.