About us


The Publishers Audience Measurement Company Ltd (PAMCo)

The Publishers Audience Measurement Company (PAMCo), is the governing body which oversees audience measurement for the published media industry. We are responsible for the new joint industry currency (JIC) called PAMCo – Audience Measurement for Publishers in place of NRS data.

Our funding stakeholders are News Media Association (NMA – representing Newsbrands), Professional Publishers Association (PPA – Magazine Media) and the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA – Advertising Agencies). Our board also has representation from The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA), and a research specialist, currently our research partner, Ipsos MORI.

The Board of PAMCo consists of:

PAMCo: Jan Gooding, Simon Redican, Linda Clark, Anne Sharp

IPA: Adam Crow, Paul Bainsfair

ISBA: Phil Smith

IPSOS: Ben Page

NMA: Chris Forrester, Tracey De Groose

PPA: Barry Mcilheney, Marcus Rich

Reporting to the Board, the PAMCo Technical Committee meets monthly and is responsible for maintaining and developing the technical standards of the survey.

The Technical Committee consists of:

PAMCo: Simon Redican, Katherine Page, Alison Finch, Luca Vannini

IPA: Lynne Robinson, Belinda Beeftink, Geoff Copps, Sarah Gale

IPSOS: Neil Farrer, Judith Kennedy, Dawn Barry, Mario Paic

NMA: Camille Norris, Philip McMullan, Teresa Brookes

PPA: Gareth Jones, Amanda Wigginton, Seema Hope

PAMCo – Audience Measurement for Publishers Data

PAMCo – Audience Measurement for Publishers, is the new audience measurement currency for published media, using world leading methodology.  It produces de-duplicated brand reach allowing users to carry out reach & frequency planning to enable publishers to commercialise audiences across all platforms – phone, tablet, desktop and print.

PAMCo replaced the National Readership Survey (NRS).  NRS was originally designed as a survey to measure print readership and although over time some digital audience data were integrated via NRS PADD this was not a full solution. With the spectacular growth of mobile audiences it was time to design a new service for the digital world which would include all publisher platforms and enable full utility in planning audiences across those platforms.

The thorough industry wide process to find the successor to NRS allowed PAMCo to design such an audience measurement system. This is reflected in a world leading methodology, which is built on the strong base of a large high quality sample of 35,000 face to face interviews with the innovation of a specially designed data feed from comScore.  The development of the PAMCo digital Panel provides measures of duplication of reading across digital and print, the first single-source data of its kind.

The new PAMCo currency is platform neutral and provides the following:

  • De-duplicated reach and frequency for all platforms
  • An increased number of brands reported across all platforms
  • Single source data to understand duplication between print and digital
  • Improved estimates of net brand reach and duplication
  • Reporting newsbrand sections across print AND digital
  • New engagement data

How are PAMCo data collected?

PAMCo’s world-leading methodology integrates data from three sources to provide a complete view of publisher audiences:

  • A high-quality face to face survey of 35,000 participants per year interviewed in home to collect print readership and demographic data.
  • A digital panel of around 5,000 participants (recruited from the survey participants at the time of interview) to have a specially designed Tracker App installed on their devices i.e. desktop, laptop, phone, tablet. The principal purpose of this panel is to provide single source data on duplication between reading in print and reading on digital platforms. It is not the intention to report digital platform estimates directly from the panel.
  • Estimates of the audiences for digital platforms will be sourced directly from comScore, and these data will be fused with the readership survey. Duplication of reading between the print and digital platforms will be adjusted to match observations from the PAMCo panel. Duplication of reading between the digital platforms is matched to comScore.

Accessing PAMCo Data

Topline data will be available on the PAMCo website and the complete PAMCo dataset will be available for analyses via computer bureaux such as Telmar, Kantar Media, Nielsen IMS and Mediatel, and incorporated within the IPA TouchPoints service for planning purposes.