PAMCo methodology in Qtr.4 2020 and beyond

Following completion and review of our initial set of tests investigating alternative approaches to face-to-face data collection, the PAMCo Board have agreed to carry out an in-field live test of c.5,700 interviews in Q4 2020.

The approach agreed by the PAMCo Board is based on an ‘online first’ method and includes two survey phases:

  1. A Postal Phase – where all sampled addresses are mailed and invited to take part either by online or paper self-completion questionnaire.
  2. A Field Phase – where those not completing the postal phase will be invited to take part with a field facilitator recruiting participants to complete the survey.

The Technical Group will review results of this test in Q1 2021 with a view of making a recommendation to the PAMCo Board for publication of this data.

We will be holding a customer webinar on October 22nd for PAMCo subscribers to allow stakeholders to understand in more detail the methodology approach that we are taking and have the opportunity to ask any questions. A separate email invitation will be sent to all subscribers towards the end of September.