How does PAMCo measure published media audiences?

PAMCo’s world-leading methodology integrates data from three sources to provide a complete view of publisher audiences.

  • A high-quality face to face survey of 35,000 participants per year interviewed in home to collect print readership and demographic data.
  • A digital panel of around 5,000 participants (recruited from the survey participants at the time of interview) to have a specially designed Tracker App installed on their devices i.e. desktop, laptop, phone, tablet. The principal purpose of this panel is to provide single source data on duplication between reading in print and reading on digital platforms. It is not the intention to report digital platform estimates directly from the panel.
  • A new specially developed data file from Comscore, UKOM’s chosen digital audience supplier, which makes it possible to integrate fully ‘phone and tablet audiences as well as pc/laptop audiences.  A highly sophisticated data integration methodology has been developed to fuse Comscore’s estimates with the readership/enumeration survey. Duplication of reading between the print and digital platforms will be adjusted to match observations from the PAMCo panel.  Duplication of reading between the digital platforms is matched to Comscore.

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