How does PAMCo measure published media audiences?

PAMCo’s methodology integrates print readership and demographic data from a high-quality survey of 22,000 participants per year with digital audience estimates supplied by Ipsos iris.  The PAMCo survey which collects print audience data is based on an ‘online first’ method and includes two phases:

  1. A Postal Phase – where all sampled addresses are mailed and invited to take part either by online or paper self-completion questionnaire.
  2. A Field Phase – where those not completing the postal phase will be invited to take part with a field facilitator recruiting participants to complete the survey.

Ipsos carries out a complex data integration process to fuse the print estimates collected from our survey with digital audience estimates provided by Ipsos iris

Ipsos iris is the new UKOM approved standard for online audience measurement in the UK from January 2021.

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